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DGSC prides itself on effectively using the experience and insight of its owner and carefully chosen strategic partners to provide a powerful "toolbox" for success; a toolbox that client is able to easily and passionately utilise to achieve their business aspirations.

  • Fact-based delivery: Client is provided with strategically-rich solutions that exploit the "brutal reality" of their unique environment. Deep mining of consumer, key stakeholder and other related insights assures effective & sustainable business solutions.
  • Tailored solutions: DGSC does not "sell" over-academic processes / models, or "off-the-shelf" hyperbole. Each client is provided with a unique "recipe for success" that optimises their specific circumstances.
  • Personal Service: Client is personally serviced by Dorian Glass from project conception to completion. This assures client of a single point of contact excellence. The resulting consistency and focus maximises service and solution excellence to client.
  • Holism: Every project undertaken by DGSC embraces the full context of client's business environment. This "systems thinking" approach ensures that DGSC's project deliverables are able to yield the full project benefits promised to client without being handicapped or obstructed by internal and/or external "unforeseen" circumstances.
  • Partnership: DGSC's core philosophy encourages intimate partnership with client towards sustainable growth & success. What is "partnership?" Simply, an open commitment to deeply understanding client's unique business challenges and treating every aspect of client's business as if it were DGSC's own. This translates into a total commitment towards client's unbridled success. It is a commitment to delivering real, tangible business value, such that client undergoes a permanent step-change as a result of successful project delivery.
  • Common Sense: Forming the "guiding star" for everything DGSC performs, an effective "mirror" is created to screen every aspect of a project deliverable. Should any aspect not make common- and, by implication, commercial-sense, it is "parked" or, screened out.