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A company's "story line" needs to answer three strategic questions:

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where are we headed?
  3. How will we get there

"Strategy" - the "how" - is complex.  Strategy is not a clinical "plan" but, rather, a "planning process." Crucially, this process must be informed by a host of formal Key Insights - from both inside & outside the organisation - in order to support key strategic decisions.  Making business sense of these Key Insights provides the critical base support for directing an organisation towards sustained profitability and growth.

Significantly, a shared visionary purpose drives profitable and inspired growth.  Without this "guiding image of success", an organisation will flounder, having no "reason for existence" for its employees, suppliers and, of course, its customers / consumers.

An inspiring Vision thus becomes the main spearhead towards a powerful and strategic market positioning and direction for the organisation.

DGSC's Value Proposition aligns itself to the above realities as follows:

DGSC is a "classic" Business Consultancy, in the sense of employing progressive, cutting-edge strategy, marketing and other fine business tooling to deliver workable solutions for a variety of common business challenges faced by client.

DGSC's core focus however, is on driving strategic thinking throughout the organisation as the key success factor towards optimal success.  The process to achieve this spawns a new business language - "strategic conversation" - within and across the organisation.  This new business language drives the effective communication necessary for mobilising the total workforce behind an organisation's chosen, strategic intent.

To imbed a genuine "customer-centric" culture within an organisation, DGSC skilfully marries the human ("soft") aspects of internal executive leadership with external customer / consumer arenas.  As a result, customers / consumers become deeply ingrained within the very fabric of each organisation's daily routines - a primary success factor.

This customer-centric slant allows DGSC to virtually "place the customer / consumer onto the boardroom table" for all to view, understand, and thus, effectively leverage.

Deep insight thus underscores the crafting of optimal, tailored strategic plans for driving customer/consumer demand and hence, sustainable growth and profits.  Scenario planning thus takes on a more confident feel and understanding.

Each tailored business "recipe" (or business model) delivered to client by DGSC is designed and structured in a practical and understandable way, such that everyone across the organisation are clearly guided towards targeted growth & success.

Speed and simplicity are automatically unleashed, forming a powerful competitive advantage towards fending off current and potential competition

DGSC's ultimate delivery to client mobilises the organisation's total workforce behind an inspiring and renewed visionary destination.  The passionate human inter-dependencies resulting from the creation of this shared company direction and destination enables client to rapidly and confidently tackle future challenges in a pro-active and authoritative fashion - as a close-knit team.

"One for All ... All for One"