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The oft-mentioned "Innovation Sandbox" vividly teaches us that the most efficient innovation and creative achievements take place within pre-defined, strategic guidelines.

These strategic guidelines are put in place to allow focus, energy and collective will to work towards clear-cut objectives.

Conceptually guided by this intelligent, simple and proven thinking, DGSC's consulting delivery provides tailored, long-term value and practical sustainability by strictly anchoring itself around the following strategic pillars:

  • Customers / Consumers as the primary, demand-led keystone towards future, sustainable profits
  • Fact-based understanding vs. loose assumptions
  • Tailored solutions vs. "off-the-shelf" models or "arcane" processes
  • Systems-thinking to fully comprehend the total business exposure
  • Practical, common-sense application vs. theoretical postulations
  • A clear road map to sustainable profits vs. lengthy, boastful, sterile reports andnarrow-minded silo's
  • Outcomes / delivery vs. fanciful input
  • Sustained growth vs. survival.  Survival, today, is going backwards ...