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Passion and inspiration require a context - a context guided by purpose, focus and ... visionary destination!

DGSC's Company Vision below, carefully crafted and honed over the years, focuses on clients' stirring passion to achieve their innermost business aspirations and latent potential:

To be the catalyst & facilitator for inspiring organisations to discover their collective vision, passion, inspiration and clear, strategic direction towards sustained growth & profitable success - for every employee & stakeholder

A company's "story line" needs to answer three strategic questions:

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where are we headed?
  3. How will we get there

"Strategy" - the "how" - is complex.  Strategy is not a clinical "plan" but, rather, a "planning process." Crucially, this process must be informed by a host of formal Key Insights - from both inside & outside the organisation - in order to support key strategic decisions.  Making business sense of these Key Insights provides the critical base support for directing an organisation towards sustained profitability and growth.

Significantly, a shared visionary purpose drives profitable and inspired growth.  Without this "guiding image of success", an organisation will flounder, having no "reason for existence" for its employees, suppliers and, of course, its customers / consumers.

There are essentially two kinds of organisations in this world:

  • Visionary, forward-thinking organisations that actively demand a relevant place in society ... or, ...