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There are essentially two kinds of organisations in this world:

  • Visionary, forward-thinking organisations that actively demand a relevant place in society ...

Or, ...

  • Companies that do not stand for anything.  Who do not - actively - choose their own destiny or unique, shared purpose.  Who thus do not have a clear "reason for being" and thus allow the world to dictate to them, rather than actively carving a relevant future for themselves.  These organisations, ultimately, cease to exist ...

Visionary organisations share fundamental traits, encapsulated in the following truisms:

  • They choose to discover their own distinct and potent "recipe for success"
  • They choose to grow sustainably and profitably, as a close-knit team
  • They choose to actively exploit their inner, collective strength - as one
  • They choose to be the very best that they can be, actively excluding the word "average" from their business vocabulary
  • They actively formulate a unique market positioning that erects powerful barriers to entry against current & future competition
  • They brutally & bravely interrogate their "current reality" and courageously formulate strategies to navigate themselves through clearly identified challenges
  • They actively create opportunities, not problems
  • They create a culture of constant pro-activity, innovativeness, creativity and never-ending market vigilance
  • They actively choose to create a bright, visionary future for themselves, driven by an inspired "reason for existence!"

Visionary companies "stoke the fires" of DGSC business consultancy. DGSC seeks out such inspired companies and strives to actively partner them towards achieving their untamed ambitions!