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- Sales & Marketing Director, Fair Cape (Ex-GM, 35050 Brand, iTouch):

“I have never encountered such thorough preparation for any project during my career and by the time we started the research, Dorian had ensured that we had every base covered.”

“Unsurprisingly, the level of insight we received from the market was supreme, allowing us far wider and deeper penetration into this market which, previously, we believed we knew so well. The classic insights that were unveiled were strategically critical, which we had never before encountered.”

“…further testament to Dorian's uncanny ability to pick out the ‘gold from the garbage’.”

“Dorian's, real strength is his ability to talk strategy on a level few really understand before rneeting him. His grasp of the real, practical elements, as opposed to only the theoretical tools which most marketers refer to, allows him to take a brand and breathe life into it – to create something living.”